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Guangzhou Xueba Special Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Add : Nansha District Province, Guangdong Town, Tan Ling Road, East Road No. 2 (or Nansha District City, Guangzhou Province, the town of prosperity Road, 2, two or three, 251,)

Tel : 020-84999703 84991597 34982803(总机)

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Fax : 020-84991597

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Network security is also a service to customer feedback information in less time, communicate with customers and solve related problems, we have more than 30 provinces, municipalities and regions in the Middle East, South Asia, Eastern Europe and other country established a comprehensive sales network.

In traditional sales channels based, forward-looking Shifeng strategically in major domestic and international trade, wholesale, information and other famous sites to build a sound e-commerce platform. Traditional sales and combined with modern electronic business has developed a unique World-business marketing ideas, the development of enterprises so as to win the opportunity.




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